Acknowledgements and Credits

The 2dF QSO Reshift Survey

The paper describing the data presented here is:

Smith R.J., Croom S.M., Boyle B.J., Shanks T., Loaring N.S., Miller L., 2005, 359, 57:
"The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - III. The Input Catalogue"

The 2QZ team consists of the following members:
Brian Boyle (ATNF - Australian PI)
Scott Croom (U. Sydney, AAO)
Nicola Loaring (Oxford)
Lance Miller (Oxford)
Phil Outram (Oxford)
Tom Shanks (Durham - UK PI)
Robert Smith (Liverpool John Moores)

Digitized Sky Surveys

Eyeball checks of objects were made using both the SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys and the STScI Digitised Sky Survey

SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys
Digitised Sky Survey

The 2QZ team