Composite spectra

Full composite spectrum plot


This page provides links to the composite spectra created from the 2QZ.  Full details given in Croom et al. (2002).
Three types of composite are provided in ASCII format

File Format

In each composite data file the columns are:
Column Format
Wavlength (A) F6.1
Normalized flux E10.4
Error E10.4
Quality L1
Number of QSOs I5
median MB F6.2
median z F6.4

Composite Spectra

Composite Spectra Plot
Full Composite
Data NQSO File
2QZ survey 21102
MB Composites
Mag Bin NQSO File
-27.5<MB<-27.0 180
-27.0<MB<-26.5 585
-26.5<MB<-26.0 1432
-26.0<MB<-25.5 2483
-25.5<MB<-25.0 3524
-25.0<MB<-24.5 3679
-24.5<MB<-24.0 2999
-24.0<MB<-23.5 2023
-23.5<MB<-23.0 1452
-23.0<MB<-22.5 933
-22.5<MB<-22.0 740
-22.0<MB<-21.5 501
-21.5<MB<-21.0 292
-21.0<MB<-20.5 139
-20.5<MB<-20.0 49

MB -z composites
Bin 0.25<z<0.50 0.50<z<0.75 0.75<z<1.0 1.0<z<1.25 1.25<z<1.50 1.50<z<1.75 1.75<z<2.0 2.0<z<2.25 2.25<z<2.5
-23.0<MB<-22.5 green

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The 2QZ team (July 2003)