Here we provide a collection of useful scripts and code for handling 2QZ catalogue files and assorted other things, such as mask making.

Catalogue Handling (Perl)

The main catalogue reading and writing routines are located in a Perl module:  - current version: 3.0 (10/06/03)

This module is used in the scripts below.  In order for the scripts to load the module you will need to set your PERL5LIB environmental variable to include the path to the module.  The module contains subroutine to:

We also provide some scripts to do useful things with the catalogue files: Note: for these to work your version of perl should be in /usr/bin/perl change the first line of each file if this is not the case.

Catalogue Handling (Fortran77)

If you need to read catalogue files into a piece of Fortran code you can use these subroutines.  Note that for compilation you will have to change the path of the include file to be where ever you put it, before it will work.

Mask making code (Fortran 77)

To produce completeness maps over the 2QZ survey area (2QZ only, not 6QZ) you may use the following code:

Photometric completeness code (Fortran 77)

To do a simple interpolation of the photometric completeness map as a fucntion of z and bJ we provide this Fortran program:

General subroutines

Finally we provide a number of useful subroutines.  These are required for code such at the mask making (make_mask.f):

All 2QZ software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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The 2QZ team (July 2003)