Misc Symbols

Greek alphabet
They are not highlighted with the customary blue, but you can click on the gifs to download.

Omega_0   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="Omega_0" SRC="Symbols/omega0.gif">
q_0   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="q_0" SRC="Symbols/q0.gif">
H_0   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="H_0" SRC="Symbols/H0.gif">
lambda_0   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="lambda_0" SRC="Symbols/lambda0.gif">

^{-1}   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="^{-1}" SRC="Symbols/pow-1.gif">
degrees   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="degrees" SRC="Symbols/powcirc.gif">
\neq   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\neq" SRC="Symbols/neq.gif">
\leq   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\leq" SRC="Symbols/leq.gif">
\geq   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\geq" SRC="Symbols/geq.gif">
\sim   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\sim" SRC="Symbols/sim.gif">
\div   <IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM ALT="\div" SRC="Symbols/div.gif">
\times   <IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM ALT="\times" SRC="Symbols/times.gif">
\int   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\int" SRC="Symbols/int.gif">
\sum   <IMG ALIGN=TOP ALT="\sum" SRC="Symbols/sum.gif">
\int   <IMG ALIGN=MIDDLE ALT="\int" SRC="Symbols/bigint.gif">
\sum   <IMG ALIGN=MIDDLE ALT="\sum" SRC="Symbols/bigsum.gif">

ISO (Latin-1) characters (May not work on all browsers)
$   &#36;  
&   &#38;   OR   &amp;
<   &#60;  
>   &#62;  
°   &#176;   OR   &deg;
¹   &#185;   OR   &sup1;
²   &#178;   OR   &sup2;
³   &#179;   OR   &sup3;
£   &#163;   OR   &pound;
±   &#177;   OR   &plusmn;
·   &#183;        A decimal point. e.g., 3·14159
×   &#215;   OR   &times;
÷   &#247;   OR   &divide;
Å   &#197;   OR   &Aring;

Usage example;
The value of pi is 3·14159
The value of <IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM ALT="pi" SRC="Greek/pi.gif"> is 3&#183;14159
To use the inlined gif, you will also have to download the image of
pi onto your computer and change the SRC command from "Greek/pi.gif" to whatever you call it on you local machine. The ISO characters should be handled directly by your browser and do not require you to download anything before you can use them.

Here is a complete ASCII table which gives all the required codes. To use the various symbols in HTML, you just wrap &#; around the relevant number, as shown for the above examples. It's not in a particularly user-friendly format at the moment, but I think it is usable. Apologies if it does not display properly on your browser. I took a few shortcuts in creating it and it is not in correct HTML. It will probably load on all recent graphical browsers.
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