The Photometric Catalogue

Data published in

The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - III. The Input Catalogue
R.J. Smith, S.M. Croom, B.J. Boyle, T. Shanks, L. Miller, N.S. Loaring, 2005, MNRAS, accepted

The Catalogues

For the purposes of the 2dF QSO Redshift Survey (2QZ), we have created a catalogue of u, bJ, r magnitudes for 3 million stellar sources selected from photographic plates over 740 square degrees of high galactic lattitude sky. In the catalogues being released here, we are providing only source position (RA, dec, J2000) and three broad-band mangitudes (u, bJ, r). In addition to this full catalogue, we are releasing the input catalogue for the 2QZ. This is simply a subset to which colour cuts have been applied to select QSO candidates. More rigourous data quality checks have also been applied to this subset.

Before trying to use any of the data available on this page, please read through the full description of the data products and carefully consider the various advantages and limitations of the photographic techniques used here. A paper describing the data reduction and selection techniques in detail is available. (Smith, Croom et al, 2001, MNRAS, accepted).

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